Friday, August 21, 2009

Mynxx's Space under constuction...

Hi Ya'll...I did a stupid thing! I wanted to start updating my site and I didn't set up a test blog first so when I went to change the template for it, I accidentally erased some of the sidebar features and I don't know how to get them back! So that explains why my site currently looks very shitty! Sorry once again but I am working on revamping the entire site and possibly getting my own domain as well! Getting pretty tired of the whole Blogger experience or lack there of...I only hope that those of you who visit will keep this all in mind! Thanks for visiting and come back again soon.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Tom Welling on the set of Smallville sporting Superman costume…

So I just found some new Tom Welling pics on the set of his show Smallville. Not sure which episode these behind the scenes images are from but they are definitely from the new season of Smallville that will be airing starting September 25th on it's new nigh, Fridays. Check out the new "Superman" costume he's rocking!

You can't really see the costume but you can clearly see that he's wearing some sort of cape! Awesome! Finally the show is heading into the right direction by letting Clark be who he's supposed to be. Can't wait for the new season...jeez...I need a cold shower right now...hehe!

credit: Spoiler TV

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Candid Kristin Kreuk bikini pics...

So while scanning through twitter I noticed that peeps were talking about some new KK pics that have surfaced of her in a bikini which is rare and even more come we never see her with a man?? She's such a cute girl and I hear the lovely Miss K was voted number 8 on FHM's 100 Sexiest Women In The World '09 so kudos to you lady! Click the links above to view the pics.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mynxx is coming back...

Hey ya'll! I'm sorry for going M.I.A for such a long time, I guess having a baby and dealing with married life made me sort of lazy for updating my little blog but I'm going to make an effort to update several times weekly if not daily and I am also working on making a few changes to my page so please stay tuned if you tuned out...(was that a run on sentence or what?? )

Anyway, I would like to start fresh for the new season of Smallville that will be premiering in the States on September 25 on it's new night on Fridays at 8pm so we all have to watch to see what happens to Clark and the rest of the crew!

Love you all...bye for now!

Tom Welling at ComicCon 2009...

Yeah, I know...I have been a very bad girl for not updating my tired little blog for you few that actually read my rantings so please feel free to send me a cyber-spank, I know I deserve it! So to make up for my bad behavior I am posting these lovely vids of our beloved Tom Welling at this year's Comic Con held in San Diego, CA where he actually showed up for once!! Check them out:

Part 1: Introductions and Tom gets a standing O

Part 2

Part 3

Official Season 9 Trailer shown at Comic Con 09:

Part 4: Q&A Time

Credit to: Gabriela from DTS for first posting these


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sooorrry, I know It's been a long time...

Wow, so much has happened since my last post. I had a baby last year, almost to the day on the 31st of May and then I had one crazy summer but the kicker that made me not post for a while was recovering from hernia surgery and then I found out that I have a herniated disc in my lower spine and a pinched nerve too!!! Shit, I have been dealing with alot and another season of everyone's favorite super hero show, Smallville to boot!

Let me start off by saying sorry to my fans, if you are still out there!! I have to really stop taking so many breaks from this blog before everyone just plain forgets me altogether, if you haven't already.

I have watched the entire 8th season of Smallville and I have to say that it's been the best season in a long time! There were so many great episodes and a couple not so great ones but still, they were all consistantely interesting. I have to say that the finale, "Doomsday" was so confusing! I mean, the main confusion for me was how easy it was for Clark to defeat the undefeatable Doomsday! All he did was cause an explosion and poof, the monster was gone and onto the next scene with no expalinantion or even a mention?? That was kindof weird. But the part that I didn't understand the most was how Clark came to his final conclution at the end that "Clark Kent was dead..."!! WOW, didn't expect that at all with his goth looking coat. I dunno how the new season will be but I can't wait to see how it will progress and not to mention, I wonder if this will be the last season as it has been said or if there will be a tenth season as stated in the media. Afterall, Tom Welling has been said to have signed on for the next two seasons so only time will tell if that will happen!

Anyhoo, I hope that you all visit some more and still love me because I love you all!! Hugs and kisses and stay tuned for more of my two cents!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Don't think I forgot...

Hey all! Sorry for the little hiatus that I took from last week but it's been crazy hectic for me over the past week or so. The bad news is that I may have to take some time off because I am going to have a little surgery to repair a hernia! The good news is there really is no good news but I just wanted to say thanks to all the visitors. I do have a little request....Please Comment guys!! I would like some sort of feedback on my blog and the posts I make! Other than that, just wanted to update and let you know that I shall return!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Smallville 8x03 "Toxic" Trailer...

Just a small update to let you know that this weeks new Smallville episode is called, "Toxic". Here's a sneak peek:

Here's one called "Destiny", it's pretty cool because it was made to look official but it's not:

This last one is BANANAS, you have to watch, "A Hero's Passion":

WOW, I think I saw some old episode scenes there but it's hot either way. I am so looking forward to Clois now!! (That means Clark and Lois for all you noobs!!)

C YA Next time!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Tom Welling Candids at Daytona 500...

Sooo, Mr. Welling thinks he's slick and wants to be evasive with the media all the time! I love that he's so humble and really goes out of his way to stay out of the limelight but for goodness sakes guy, we need some new Tom Welling pictures of his outings every once and a while!! I know I do so to take advantage of this rarity, I decided to post these that I found on Photobucket.
Sorry, don't know who originally posted these to give credit! But check out the blanked out chic in the pic, she's soooooo lucky!! You know, this is one guy who can go without shaving and wear regular street clothes and still look good enough to eat!! Damn, he's fine! Whoa now, I think it's time for a cold shower and I think my husband is calling me so Ta ta for now kids!

Scarlet Johansson & Ryan Reynolds sittin in a tree...

I love Scarlett Johansson! She's so pretty and talented and she has got some taste in men!! Look at this guy:

From Mynxx's Space

From Mynxx's Space

So she and Mr. Reynolds went and got married this weekend in Canada after being engaged only since this May according to her publicist Meredith O'Sullivan. The small ceremony took place in Vancouver, with just family in attendance. This all comes as a shock to all of us who were fooled recently by the bombshell after she said in an interview that she wanted to have a long engagement. So why rush into marriage at such a young age, she's 23 and he's about to be 32 next month?? Could it be that she has a bun in her hot oven?? Hmmm, hey if I have to start a rumor so be it! I wonder was Alanis Morrisette will think or even say about the news since she dated Ryan for years and they never took the plunge! Guess it wasn't meant to be. Still, it's just a little fishy to me why Scarlett & Ryan seemed in such a rush but congrats to the couple anyway and may they have lots of pretty babies like Brad and Angie!!

Lata for now!

Heather Locklear arrested for DUI?...

Miss Heather Locklear was arrested this Sunday in Montecito, CA for suspicion of driving under the influence after a cop noticed she was blocking a lane on the STATE highway. The incident happened early Saturday morning when a neighbor reported seeing Locklear driving crazy after leaving a parking lot. Later, an officer determined she was "on something" while talking with her and was taken to the police station under the suspicion being under the influence of drugs and alcohol although she claimed she was taking prescription meds that made her drive erratically…right!! She was later released from police custody…

Image provided by AP

Hasn't anyone of these "high class" celebs figured out that when you have money you can afford to hire someone to drive a car for you??? I mean come on people, HIRE someone then if you want to get out of your mind high or pissy drunk, you know you can get to where you need to go without the LAPD on your ass or ramming your $100k car into a tree! Oh and by the way, whatever she was on really ain't working for her because she looks tired and haggard as hell!


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Smallville 8x02 "Plastique" Review...

Wow, what a long week for me and I have to say sorry once again for posting this review so late but I really didn't get around to writing and positing this thing until now! I just want to mention that with last weeks review I kind of gave a very detailed scene by scene recap of the entire episode only because it was the first one of the season by from how on, my reviews will be just the highlights and poignant moments as I see them in my own opinion. Still rather detailed but just not every friggin' thing that occurred, got that?? Good! So now without further delay, here is the second episode for Smallville Season 8 titled:

**Warning, Contains Major Spoilage so Proceed With Caution**

As the credits roll, Clark Kent (Tom Welling) enters the building of The Daily Planet, he peers over the stair banister and takes a deep breath as he views the busy office space below filled with buzzing reporters moving about. Before taking another step, he glances down at his ID badge before he clips it to his shirt pocket and lets himself take another deep breath in before making his way down the steps towards a familiar face, Lois Lane.

As he approaches the desk where she sits studying her computer screen, she looks up at him as he announces his arrival. Lane quickly brings him back down to earth with a witty comment of how he resembles the "Brawny Lumberjack" and advises him to change his outfit before stealing one from a fellow co-worker who just happens to have a shirt and pants in Clark's size....(hmmm, how convenient?). Lane hands him the outfit and shoves him to a corner so that he can a phone booth no less and he mentions: "A phone booth? Its not exactly private!" (Do I detect some foreshadowing here?? I think I do!) She insists that he change and he complies, only when he's done, he steps out of the booth to find Lois's mouth gaping as she takes a long look at him as if she was now seeing him in a different light.

A loud, thunderous crash shakes the building resulting in pieces of ceiling coming down causing Lois to stumble into Clark's big strong arms. They pause for a second gazing into each other's eyes until he realizes that there it was an accident of some sort and speeds out of the building to find out what was happening. Once outside, he realizes that a bus had crashed and he's surrounded by people dazed and confused about what had happened. Like his usual superhero self, he quickly lends a hand to assist some people including the FOTW, Bette (Jessica Parker Kennedy), out of the smoking bus by breaking though the overturned bus ceiling. (Honestly, no one sees him doing this at all?? I mean it was obviously smokey from the crash but NO ONE, not one person saw this guy tear apart the side of the bus? Whatever...!)

Clark pulls what he soon realizes to be Tess Mercer out of the wreckage and hands her off to an EMT who is on the scene. Meanwhile, Chloe had already familiarized herself with another EMS worker, Davis Bloome (Sam Witwer) and there is some obvious chemistry going on between the two. (You Go Grrrrl!!) After trying to piece together a scenario of what caused the crash, Clark heads back to the Planet to find Lois and is soon beckoned by the new head of the Planet to meet her in her office. As he disappears down the hall, Lois is left watching after him and has a look of what I think is longing. (This is just one of many times I have noticed in these first two episodes where she gazes at Clark in this way. Makes me think that the writers of the show are striving to ease their way to creating a couple paring with the two sometime in the season, I guess we'll have to wait and see what comes about.)

As Clark enters his new boss's office and was surprised to see the woman from the bus. Not only was this the woman he saved not long ago who he found semi- conscious on the bus floor but this woman was also his boss, the new CEO of LuthorCorp. (I thought it was rather interesting how he saved her life in the same fashion that he saved Lex's life. There were some similarities to their meeting, the fact that he didn't know her or Lex before their accidents, they both were key figures in the story, and both wealthy socialites. There are probably some I'm missing but I just thought that was clever writing.) Nevertheless, there she stood in her designer suit and put together hair as she told him to come in and take a seat. Tess was quick to thank him, in a flirty sort of way, for saving her and didn't hesitate to mention that Lex had told her all about his penchant for saving people. Not only did she let on how she had him on her "To DO List" but she also adds that "they were destined to meet", hint hint!! (Damn, this woman is hot for Clark!! She ain't shy that's for sure.) The rest is blah blah and then next scene...

Ok, I really went into detail for the first part of the show but the real story behind the eppy is that this girl, Bette or Plastique, has some secret power that she somehow got from the meteor shower in '05 that causes her to emit high level energy blasts from her eyes and it happens especially when she's pissed off. Chloe, being the kind and sweet geek that she is, convinces Bette to stay with her until she can find a place to stay since she was living on the street. Turns out she was being held at the Montana facility, the same one that Chloe was held at, for three years while Lex did experiments on her abilities. She escaped somehow and was on the run from what is found out later to be Tess and her peoples.

There are two side stories to this episode. One being Clark's initiation to the Daily Planet and helping Lois get her story and the other being Chloe's accepted engagement to dork-boy of the year Jimmy Olsen, and her not telling Clark about it, which is F***ed up if you ask me! I mean, they are supposed to be best friends right? He told her his biggest secret of all time and she couldn't tell him that she was engaged to be married to dorky Mcdorkmiester??? But the true reason for her not coming clean to him about this news, what I figured out, is that she didn't want it to be official. Chloe still loves Clark and her telling him that she was to marry someone else would finalize everything between her and Jimmy and not her and Clark. She felt that maybe, just maybe, if she didn't tell him about it that somehow there could still be a chance that Clark would want to be with her so she kept it secret. It's not mentioned in words but it is implied with their body language! When she finally spills the beans to Clark about the truth after he comfronts her about it, he says that he's happy for her and she seems to be sad about it because when they hug, she has this weird look on her face and he knows it! Look:

Chloe looks sick to her stomach and Clark looks like he feels sorry for her! So with that moment, Chloe has to say goodbye to her fantasy of her and Clark being together, romantically. I felt sorry for her because even though I was a fan of Clark and Lana's relationship, I always felt bad for the girl who had to sit back and hold her feelings for the guy she loved to herself. I guess now she can have some closure and finally move on! Damn, the writers sure know how to f**k with your head at times!

Anyway, to get on with the story. After all the help that Chloe gave to that ungrateful little street kid Bette, she tries to kill her with an energy ray because she thought Chloe would lead her to her captors. Clark runs in to save the day and knocks the bitch out with her own blast, ouch!! He then tries to calm her down and tells her she's not alone because there are others who have powers just like her...he's so cute!! I really felt that he was sad for her, damn Tom Welling's acting abilities have really improved because he really makes he want to cry when he's being sincere! I love this show! Sorry, my attention span is really not so good right now....

Clark sends Bette to the infamous Belle Reeve mental facility where no one gets better, they only show up in a later episode wanting to get revenge on him for putting them in that hell holein the first place! So later, Tess visits her and convinces Lil Plastique that she has bigger plans for her and she could "make a Hero out of you yet". Hmmmm, wonder what she means by that?? In case no one knows or cares, Plastique is a comic book character that appears in several DC comic publications and is actually a villain who uses her powers to blow up stuff sort of like today's terrorists. Research people, that's all I have to say!!

So in the pretty little ending to Plastique, we find Clark and Lois back at the Planet exchanging witty remarks and banter about how he's always "running off" and how she can't keep up! So cute! Lois admits his talent for writing to which he replies with a "what?" There is a moment where she admits that she'd rather be uncovering the truth with him than having a headline which for Lois, speaks VOLUMES for her character! After which she exclaims, "you've got a long career at the Planet," and then they get back to work. (Some more foreshadowing? These people can't help it can they? I have noticed that Lois's icy shield is finally melting away by farm boy Clark's hotness! You know I hated the fact that Lana was written off the show simply because I loved the chemistry between her and Clark and must I admit Kristin and Tom, but now, I know that Clark has to be with Lois eventually and I'm ok with that now. Plus I think that her and Clark are starting to show some chemistry too so that's cool!

Now, the show ends in a weird way! Chloe is calling her new friend and future love triangle Beau, Davis to leave him a VM message that she's made up her mind about taking over the Isis Foundation on his suggestion to help women in need. As she's talking to the machine, the camera pans down to reveal what seems to be Davis in an alley across from her office, laying butt nekked,on the grownd, curled up in the fetal position with something weird happening to his face! Another WTF moment if you ask me! I do think that he's got meteor powers of some kind and that's why he urged Chloe to help people like Bette. I don't know what that was all about but I can't wait to find out!
Well Kids, that's my lengthy review of this weeks episode of Smallville! Stay tuned to find out my views on next weeks episode, "Toxic". Maybe Brit Brit will show up and sing us her song on the subject but you won't know what happens unless you tune in so do it because Mama said so!!

Lata Ya'll and remember, I gave you my two sense so spend it wisely!!

**Images provided by Home of The Nutty

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